How to choose location

Planning Video Production

If you are planning a video production, it is very important that you choose the best location, best cameraman and most importantly the best actors and actresses.

  • How to choose location

The location is probably the most important thing about video production, imagine that you are shooting a commercial for a clothing brand but the environment it’s not nice at all, people will subconsciously imagine your brand as another clothing brands. But if you want to make an extra impact you choose the luxurious part of a city to shoot your commercial.
Always thank about what message are you trying to get across. If you aren’t sure which location is best for you to have a look at similar projects that you liked and then choose a similar location.

  • How to choose cameraman

This is crucial for your project; you need a cameraman that knows what he’s doing. The best place is to ask for a referral is from your colleagues or from people that have used a cameraman in recent past.
If you don’t have anyone like that, the best place to find one is on freelancing website, you can find a lot of experience cameraman on there. The good thing about this is that they have reviews from their previous jobs on their profiles. So you can make sure that you choose only from the best people.

  • How to choose actors from your project

Most people would get ab actor from acting agencies, that might be really challenging, though, as many of these actors think that they own the word just because of their look. I often recommend to hire a starting model or just get a glamor girl from an escort agency. People are usually surprised when they hear this, however, high class escorts know exactly how to act in front of a camera and will never shy away from some scenes that regular model would have a trouble with.


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