Best Magicians Ranked by Magician Circle

Whether for a private function, children’s party, corporate event, or overall events, finding the best magician to hire as a UK citizen can be tough, but not impossible. In UK, the Magic circle is the premier organization where you can’t find excellent bona fide magicians to grace your event. These professional magicians spend two years being apprenticed before enrolling in a performance or written exam to be included as part of the British  Circle of professionals.  For your benefit, here is a sample of the Best Magicians Ranked in the British Magic Circle:

Lance Burton

He was awarded the David Devant Award which is given to magicians who have showed immense effort in advancing the art of magic both locally and internationally. He started out performing in magic shows when he was five years old and went on to perform over 14000 shows in Las Vegas. He retired in 2010 after 31 years of professional magic.

Tony Steward

If you want a complete magician for weddings then Tony Steward could be the man. He is a performer and entertainer boasting of clients from London, Heartfortshire, Kent Essex. He excels in magic also in evens such as birthdays anniversaries, proms and corporate events

Steve Frayne (Dynamo)

Is a British award winner for his 2011-2014 television show @Dynamo: “Magician Impossible”. He is an associate of the inner magic circle. He has done up close and stage magic acts for MTV, Nokia, Pepsi, Adidas, including many more companies. You can find more personalized information on his website

Dan Farat

He is an active magician for more than seven years and performed for big companies such as Google, Barclays Microsoft, and facebook among other corporates.

Dan Farat offers you up close magic in weddings, corporate events, intimate diners, musical events just to mention a few.


Hiring excellent Magicians are one of the ways to keep your guests thoroughly entertained. To make your choice more fulfilling, you can research more from the magic circle website.